This year I received an email from a person who sees Romanian people in a Parisian suburb. She told me that most of these situations are without hope. So many times I have had this same thought in 11 years of ministry…

An experience encourages me:

Even though I am a pastor’s son, even though I have been in church every Sunday since my birth, even though I prayed every evening before sleeping since I learned how to speak, even though I gave my life to Jesus at 13, and was baptized at 14…

It was only at the age of 19, during a moment of prayer in my room, that I felt completely convinced of God’s love for me!

At the age of 19!!!! Having heard more than 988 gospel messages (19x52!!!), I finally seized a basic truth about the Gospel!!

In fact, I am now convinced of it: situations are not without hope, but we are sometimes not very patient.

We would like to give a piece of bread to a beggar and to see all his problems solved at once. We would like to give a flyer to a friend and see his life transformed. We would like to go on a 2 week missions trip and see a country changed!

God himself patiently educates us and teaches us to persevere!