I will never forget this moment.

A few months ago I asked Nathan to do something. It was not a big deal for me, but for him it was apparently difficult. He looked at me, began crying and then left to do what I had asked of him. He did not dispute, he did not negotiate, he did not disobey, but he obeyed through tears. His obedience stunned me. I was jealous. “Lord, am I as obedient as my son was today? Am I ready to obey you immediately, even if it costs me and causes tears to pour down my face?”

The freedom which God gives us allows us to CHOOSE TO OBEY him, or not - whatever the cost.

My wishes for next year ? I do not wish for us all the happiness in the world. I wish for us to be obedient in all that He asks of us; and even if tears must flow, they will produce fruit.