While I was ready to send my newsletter, the events of July 14th in Nice (France) urged me to add an introduction:

#*PrayforParis and #PrayforNice were frequently shared these last weeks. Many of you know about my heart for France and these events made me wonder what to do, how to pray…

It can be possible that all this does not stop soon and I know that many of you could wonder as I do: ‘Lord, what should I do in all this?’

My encouragement is in John 17 (the whole chapter). Jesus, our example in everything, says a surprising prayer: ‘I do not pray for the world. But for those whom you entrusted me’. Interesting, isn’t it?

This is how my prayer begins to change: I start praying for the different outreaches that YFC does in France this Summer, for my friends in full time ministry there sharing the gospel, for the young people I know who attend a Bible school to be better equipped for sharing the Gospel, for The Church of France to be a growing light in the darkness…

And you, how do you pray today?