I struggled several weeks this summer with the above verse. While we were going through a complicated period, we felt that we had to help several friends of ours. I need to admit that it did not give me much joy to do it. On the contrary, I realized the sacrifice I had to make to help these people.

One night, several weeks later, I had difficulty falling asleep. I was asking myself “is my life pleasant to God? Does our ministry bear some fruit? Does our implication change anything on this earth?”

Suddenly, the faces of the people whom we had helped came to mind. Those to whom we had given some of our time, others with whom we had shared the Gospel, others that we had helped financially.

A smile came to my face - and I fell asleep in peace.

The next day I realized that “giving” gives us joy even if sometimes, at the time, “giving” might not be the most pleasant thing to do.