Here are some of our friends that are doing a great work in spreading the Gospel in Europe!

Les Trombinoz'notes

This artistic group was created over time thanks to different creations by Chyc Polhit, professional story-teller for over 10 years. Today the group has 6 musicians, one painter, and of course, a story-teller!

Each of the members is a Christian who wants to put their talents to use to move the hearts of the audience: a splash of art in order to speak of the supernatural Artist. They have shows in both secular and Christian venues, from large concert halls to small churches.

They have 3 shows available at present: the Musical fable of Lapin Zinzin (also available in book form), Bella la Belle (a musical story about death), and the Fables of Fontaine (accompanied by a miniature expo).

Sans Filtre

Olivier Pfingstag and Nicolas Mierzwiak are 2 friends with whom I really enjoy collaborating for different France YFC projects.

They developed their own youtube channel to reach young people “Without Filters”

The idea is to reach teens in their way of communicating, through testimony from other youth who share their faith in God in a pertinent and modern way.

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Guillaume El Guedj

Guillaume met JP in 2018 during an Internship Junior camp, the camp that introduced him to YFC France and launched him into the mission field.

He had the opportunity to return to Romania a few times as part of the YFC Romania missionary weeks, and he is now a YFC France missionary in Nancy with the Respérance association. He is also an intern at the Evangelical Church of Vandoeuvre.

What thrills him the most in these two positions: loving young people in action and making them accomplished disciples of Jesus!

David & Valérie Charrier

David and Valérie - with their two little boys - are happy to serve in a church in downtown Toulouse, France. Music, training, preaching, pastoral care, Sunday Schools, home groups ... In the different areas of the dynamic life of this church, they are happy witnesses of the transformation that the Word of God does.

Valérie is also passionate about summer camps and David has a multi-talented artist, composer, multi-instrument musician, handpan teacher.




Luc et Carolina Massou

Luc and Carolina, a Franco-Argentinian missionary couple franco-argentin working with SIM and MOVIDA Argentine.

For the past 5 years, they have been serving in the mobilisation of latin youth for local and transcultural missions. They have a heart to see more young people take part in God’s mission through their gifts, their talents and their stories/testimonies.

They believe that there is a strong potential in latin youth and believe that they can collaborate with European youth. That is why they would like to favorize short-term projects which would bring together the 2 continents, in order to accomplish the Lord’s work.

On the side, Luc plays accordion and Carolina is a professional flutist and teaches music.

Paul & Sophie M.

Paul and Sophie have a common passion: encouraging the Christians to understand the Gospel better together with living in mission and glorifying God in their everyday life.

Paul is an evangelist-teacher at France Evangelisation. He travels all over France and abroad spreading the Gospel, teaching and preaching.

Married to Sophie they are developing a ministry to encourage young leaders in their spiritual walk and to help them in discerning God's calling on their life.

Polhit et Marie Mamfoumbi

Marie and Polhit Mamfoumbi have been long time friends of mine with whom we have experienced many different adventures and ministry projects.

Marie is a missionary with France YFC and coordinates Internship, a project which I was happy to construct and develop with her for over 5 years.

Polhit is an artist, story-teller and philosopher… very socially and politically engaged.

He shines for Christ wherever he goes and spreads joy around!

Tim & Tam Pomier

Tim and Tam got married in 2010 and they are happy parents of three children: Alicia, Elias and Mathis. They moved to Lyon in 2015 with the mission to plant a church.

They both have impacted many young Christians helping them to go deeper in their relationship with God. It is always a pleasure when we are able to collaborate together.

Samuel & Fanny Mandras

I have coached Sam few years ago and I am happy to see him prepare for full-time ministry. This is how he describes their motivations.

“We want to see others discover the Gospel, follow the Lord and grow in maturity in Christ. Would that each person marvel, more and more, at how God has revealed himself in his word and then live with a fitting attitude in return. Would that each person dig deeply into His word and put it into practice in his or her personal walk.”

Foundation for the nations

Here is a great initiative from our friend John Duncan:

Foundation for the Nations seeks to find finances for YFC projects around the world. It was established out of a concern that good projects have not been able to be realised due to a simple lack of funds.

Thank you John. Your work is precious to us!